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 ​​​​To be a GO Pantry Champion you can make your own playbook.
No one knows better than you how to work with the people around you.  
Your efforts will be multiplied if you just step up to lead.

Does your group like to compete?
Challenge another department. Who can fill more GO Boxes.

Are you the quiet, organized one of the group? 
Publish a SignUp and send it over email to your team. Together you can fill 5, 10, 20 GO Boxes.

Are you creative?
Do a bake sale, craft show, or virtual event to spread the word to fill GO Boxes. 

You Can Make a Difference​​ 

We rely on the generosity of our community to fight hunger close to home.  You can help! Consider coordinating a GO Pantry food drive in your department/office/practice.  Be a leader! 
  • Make is personal 
  • Learn about GO Pantry and statistics of children who are hungry
  • Set a goal (organization goal is 2,500 GO Boxes)
  • Hold a kick-off event in your area (staff meeting)
  • Track results and report often (huddles are great opportunity to get people engaged)
  • Encourage friendly competition for a cause
  • Compete with another unit
  • Entice peers by using games, contests, prizes
  • Send reminders of deadlines
  • Most of all HAVE FUN
  • Thank peers for participating