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“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.”

 GO Pantry is non-profit community outreach providing food for hungry kids in NKY on days schools are not open.

Since 2012 GO Pantry has been feeding local kids in need. There are kids in every school who rely on the Free & Reduced Lunch Program for meals during the school year. When school is out, many children lose their primary food source.

The requests for help from GO Pantry have jumped 30%. A staggering 1,200 kids in over 80 schools across 11 districts in 6 counties are receiving weekly food support from GO Pantry. 

No child should go hungry. Please consider joining us with your support. We have a monumental task of filling 6,000 GO Boxes to get our GO Pantry kids through the summer.

Together we can make make a difference for the kids who need us.

We need your help.  Here’s why.  Since school started in September, we have seen a significant increase in the number of requests for emergency food support. Government assistance programs available during COVID stopped last summer. SNAP benefits recently decreased support. Decreasing resources coupled with increasing grocery prices and inflationary pressure have put more families in crisis.

Best way to help is to donate towards the fast-approaching summer.  GO Pantry hopes to provide over 6,000 summer food boxes to help our local kids through summer.  St Elizabeth set a goal to fill 4,000 summer boxes.  We need your help to fill the remaining 2,000.  $55 fills one GO Box.  You can either donate groceries or give a financial donation and we will shop for you.

6,000 Summer GO Boxes needed.

St Elizabeth to fill 4,000!!

Since 2015 St Elizabeth has been helping GO Pantry feed local kids in need. This incredible collective effort will feed over 1,000 hungry kids through 6 weeks of summer.  With your help, GO Pantry is able to provide emergency food relief to local students who might otherwise go without. Your food boxes will go to kids identified by their schools in Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Grant, Owen and Dearborn counties.

If you are part of the St Elizabeth team and want to donate or get involved, you can find more info here.

The kids on the receiving end of these GO Boxes will have a better summer because of you!




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