Every year the CBO brings in a TON of food for GO Pantry. Here is why.. Additional motivation to provide food for children in need is not necessary, but the CBO adds competition to the efforts. The CBO is divided into two teams and the team that donates the most boxes wins a pizza lunch. The competition and pizza add to the efforts but to be honest, the purpose behind GO Pantry drives itself. Many of the CBO associates have children and can’t imagine their child starving or being without food for days. Empathy drives this competition more than the pizza. Our CBO associates (as well as the rest of SEP) can easily put themselves in the shoes of these suffering children. We work in healthcare because we want to help others and for billing associates, we don’t always see or feel the impact we have on patients. As for GO Pantry, we can visualize and feel the relief a child experiences when they open our box.