By William Garrison

GO Pantry’s mission has really resonated with associates here at SETEC. As educators and healthcare professionals, we know that it is hard for students to concentrate and do their very best on an empty stomach. The SETEC facility (Organizational Development and Clinical Research Institute) has participated in GO Pantry for the last two years.  We believe deeply that all students in need should have access to basic necessities such as food.  Our community partner/volunteer activities at SETEC are organized by the facility’s Engagement Committee made up of frontline assocaites, managers, and directors that represent each department. The Engagement Committee organized the drive by creating and monitoring a sign-up spreadsheet for food items, collecting monetary donations, designating a facility drop off location, coordinating a day to inventory and package the boxes, and deliver the boxes via the SETEC ambulance.   This collaboration between the departments at SETEC contributed 26 boxes to GO Pantry in 2019 that contributed to the 77 boxes donated by the Human Resources Division