These Kids Need Us!

Fill more GO Boxes by asking others to help you feed kids this summer!

Share your personal donation link with your friends, family, business partners, vendors and suppliers. All donations made on your behalf will be credited to your St. Elizabeth department.

I Have My Personal Donation Link, Now What? 

You can expand your support during the St. Elizabeth food drive by asking others to JOIN YOUR GREEN TEAM and sharing your personal donation link with them. They will feel great knowing they are helping feed hungry children. Your efforts will be multiplied if you just step up to lead.

No one knows better than you how to work with the people around you.Get creative. Have fun. Know you are doing great work by feeding kids this summer!  


Want some tips on how to maximize your fundraising efforts? Click here to learn some easy ways to engage others in your food drive!


Chris Mangeot and Clint Mollere get the community involved in their GO Pantry food drive. They foster friendly competition between their departments and then ramp it up by asking other to support their teams. When asked, many suppliers, vendors and family members were happy to donate on their behalf. Yes! Chris and Clint had fun watching the boxes tick up on the GO Pantry leader board. More importantly, more kids were feed because of their effort. Their competition filled 180 food boxes to feed kids last summer! Watch the video below to hear their stories.

Thanks for your extra efforts and your big hearts to help GO Pantry feed kids in need. LET’S DO THIS! Together, St. Elizabeth can exceed the 5,000 GO Box goal!