We love our volunteers! We are so thankful for their selfless service. Without them we wouldn’t be able to accomplish nearly as much or have as great of an impact.

Tom Barth started volunteering at GO Pantry during the summer of 2020. He was first introduced to GO Pantry through a food drive at his church, First Church of Christ, and he’s been volunteering with us ever since!

Tom has a true love for children and feels called to carry out God’s work through helping children in any way he can. He not only volunteers at GO Pantry, but several other area organizations as well. Tom says, “I love working with kids, especially the younger ones, and feel blessed that God gave me this gift to minister to children for His honor and glory. I tell people that retirement is the best job I ever had. And I’m working for the best boss possible, God. I never fail to leave my “jobs” with a smile on my face.” We can attest to this first hand. Tom always brings a positive attitude (along with strong muscles to help us lift heavy boxes) for which we are forever grateful!

When Tom isn’t volunteering, he enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. Thank you, Tom, for including GO Pantry in the many ways you serve God and your community.