We love our volunteers! We are so thankful for their selfless service. Without them we wouldn’t be able to accomplish nearly as much or have as great of an impact.

As a retired teacher, Eileen Marks was first introduced to GO Pantry at the school where she worked. Many of her students received our GO Bags and GO Boxes. Eileen saw what a blessing these are to the kids who receive them.

Eileen says her favorite part about volunteering is, “Knowing that I am helping families who are suffering from food insecurity. Knowing that children may not have enough to eat when they are at home breaks my heart. Everyone deserves to feel loved. I believe your bags are a significant way of showing others that they are loved, important and worthy and that people care.”

When Eileen isn’t volunteering, you might see her out training for a race. She is an avid runner and trains for races of all distances year round. She loves to exercise but also enjoys sitting down with a good book.

You are a busy lady, Eileen! Many thanks for all of the time you have spent helping GO Pantry and the kids we serve.