We love our volunteers! We are so thankful for their selfless service. Without them we wouldn’t be able to accomplish nearly as much or have as great of an impact.

Ann Warman works at St. Elizabeth and was first introduced to us during one of St. E’s Summer GO Box food drives. We have been blessed to have her as one of our faithful volunteers ever since!

As a nurse, Ann is a natural caretaker. Her care and compassion are reflected in her service. When we asked Ann why she feels called to volunteer with us she said, “I have never known hunger and neither have my children. Some of my kids’ friends struggled with food insecurity at their homes. I always welcomed them to come to our house after school or during the summer and invited them to eat with us. I would never want anyone to go without if I can help.”

When Ann isn’t volunteering, she enjoys reading, spending time with her granddaughter, and being outside.

Ann says that her favorite things about volunteering at GO Pantry are meeting new people and packing GO Bags for kids in need. Ann, we are blessed to have you as a friend and GO Pantry supporter! Thank you!